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When there is light there are shadows









This is the games spot it will also have links to some of the best sites for games ever made it may also have some other things like links.  Check in for more information.

God of War

This game is for PS2 and promises to be an epic.  I just got done with the demo and it is great.  There are not many combo moves but I believe it just takes time to start.  Quick and easy to play but long time to master. 

Half-life 2

Great story line and you have just got to love the gravity gun.  As in the first again you play as Gordon Freeman.  You verse a force called the combine.  A few new weapons and a few improvements on old ones.  I'm not telling any more for you have to play this one.  The physics have to be the drive of this game.  Congrats Valve on you success.  The only downfall to the game is having to have a internet connection in order to play the game. :-(   So those people who don't have the net I am sorry for your loss. (Best graphics in the light) Just waiting on the mods to come out.

Counter-Strike Source

Mod for half-life great physics faster than the first.  Keeps you going for hours


Great Multi player. Cant wait till the second one comes out for computer.

Doom 3

Great story line.  (Best graphics in the Dark) Spooky and demonic.  I love this game.  They did a great job in moving forward from the first.  You get a few new weapons.  Oops did I say weapons I mean tools " staples for it really".  Long and creepy the game that is.  Just the way I  like it.  I have never jumped for a video game before but even after playing it 3 times it still makes me jump from time to time.  Good job and can't wait till the Expansion Pack.

Warcraft 3 Frozen throne

Great game lots of stuff to do and you have got to love the Hero spells.


game patches and other game stuff